Website is up

This is a test post for my website. Others may (or may not) follow.

Test Post

Not much happening here. But we have math support: $$\gamma_{n} = \frac{ \left | \left (\mathbf x_{n} - \mathbf x_{n-1} \right )^T \left [\nabla F (\mathbf x_{n}) - \nabla F (\mathbf x_{n-1}) \right ] \right |} {\left |\nabla F(\mathbf{x}_{n}) - \nabla F(\mathbf{x}_{n-1}) \right |^2}$$

Florian Chudigiewitsch
Florian Chudigiewitsch
Doctoral Student in Theoretical Computer Science

My research interest concerns (non-classical) complexity of (non-classical) logics.